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My lovely new coffee cup &lt;3
Anxiety: hey!
Me: what now?
Anxiety: Nothing, just wanted to worry you today.
Me: ...great
Anxiety: Hey your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't text you back, they're probably with someone else right now.
Me: ....
Anxiety: Oh your best friend hasn't spoken to you today either. They're probably sick of your shit.
Me: ....
Anxiety: Your parents said they're really proud of you honestly believe that?
Me: ....
Anxiety: Where do you see yourself in a year? Oh wait, you can barely get through a day!
Me: ...shut up.
Anxiety: Will you ever rise to anything?
Me: Shut up!
Anxiety: Or are you always this pathetic? Lol
Me: Why can't you leave me alone!?
Anxiety: Because messing with your head is what I live for.

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